PW01About Phoropter Worx

"Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Phoropter Worx has been born out of a desire to be great by providing an unrivaled service to the Optical Industry. Our focus is on Phoropters and allied Phoropter services. We are dedicated to developing a key customer relationship with you, backed by our cost effective, quality service which will give you more reliable results that last longer. The Tip of the Iceberg, Phoropter Worx is the beginning of offering non-mediocre Optical services and solutions to all Optical Professionals.

P33PJ Van Den Berg

Having worked in the Optical industry for over 14 years, my journey into Optics & Optometry began in 1999. I quickly learned and developed all key skills within lens manufacturing and fitting with a very reputable Optical Lab, Optical Services. I have been trained as a Service Technician on most Optical Instruments. Being actively involved from the planning process to implementation, I have helped grow Instrument departments as well as built up Optical Laboratories and Practices mainly for the Group that was Optical Technologies and the Stanley & de Kock Group. After being recruited as an Instrument Sales Rep five years ago with a leading Instruments Wholesaler, Genop - I worked on building key relationships with customers selling amazing Optical Instruments and Edging machines. I am service driven and love working with my hands, especially when dealing with intricate and delicate work. I have a keen continuing interest in Optics as well as Aviation and Motorcycles.

D27David Van Den Berg

Furnished with years of experience in the Optical and Motor industries, David is knowledgeable service driven individual. Starting his Optical career with 1 on 1 lab training he quickly garnered elite knowledge and skills in all aspects of lens manufacturing and lens fitting. From instruments to customer care and more recently, quality control in a renowned lab, Essilor, You can only expect the best workmanship from David in particular Phoropter services and fine detailed work.

He is passionate about cars and if you have spare cash lying around, he'd love to own a new XJ Jaguar.

W?Exceptional Specialised Service

Phoropter Worx is solely dedicated to servicing Phoropters and offering Phoropter related services. Phoropter Worx is owner operated so you deal with the men in charge at all times! It is our vision to see Phoropter Worx become a success, by offering the most professional and cost effective service. You can be assured that you will receive world class service and personalised attention at all times. Don't take our word for it though. Try us! Let our work speak for itself.

H06Quick Turnaround Times

Hand in hand with our personalised service - being solely dedicated to servicing Phoropters allows us to do the job quick and do it right the first time. As we are a two man team, this allows us to work on two Phoropters at a time, thus reducing service and turnaround time. As with other technicians, not having other instrument call-outs, other instruments to repair or install, allows us to concentrate specifically at the job at hand. Your Phoropter/s. All this equates to better and faster service delivery.

Y06Free* Loan Phoropters Available

If you don't regularly take days off during the week or aren't on leave anytime soon or are just too busy - our Free* loan Phoropters will come in handy. Having one of our loan Phoropters allows you to carry on working and generate revenue while your Phoropter is in our care.

*Our free Loan Phoropters apply to customers in the greater Gauteng area. If you require one of our Loan Phoropters and are situated in an outer-lying area or another province please note that courier fees will apply.

US33Phoropter Worx is going Green, & Clean

We at Phoropter Worx are keeping an Eye out for our fragile environment. This is why Phoropter Worx has adopted the policy of searching for, and only using Lens and Environmentally friendly, recyclable cleaning tools and agents. As well as using bio-degradable lubrication products where possible when servicing your Phoropter/s.

We are also on a mission to set up clinical like working conditions when servicing your Phoropter/s. We feel that untidy, cluttered and dirty (because of all the other work going on) workshop type conditions are not acceptable when working on delicate Phoropters.