Phoropter Repairs.

Accidents happen! We at Phoropter Worx are able to carry out minor repairs should the unexpected happen. Sometimes we are not always in control of our Phoropter/s and it does happen that they suffer much more damage, abuse and neglect than what they should. This can easily result in minor or major repairs being needed.

Through our many contacts and having access to full engineering facilities - it is our promise to you that we explore the most cost effective route to take when dealing with repairs. Whether it be replacing certain factory standard parts or engineering new parts where possible, you can always be guaranteed to receive our sound professional advice.

Geneva Assembly

Brass parts in your Phoropter tend to wear away faster than other parts, especially between gears. Sometimes adjusting them still leaves a certain amount of play between them. To maintain optical accuracy, there should be no play on the lens discs.

Auxiliary Lens Disc

Lenses fall out sometimes as well as get pushed out. If this happens to you, we can accurately replace the lens on-site or order a new one for you should it be damaged, lost or scratched.

Near Point Rod Holder

As with the rod holder, all moving parts need to be lubricated correctly. Use too much, and excess oil will get to other parts and lenses, spoiling them. Use too little and over time it causes damage.