Service & Preventative Maintenance.

Want to keep your Phoropter in peak performing condition? A Phoropter Worx service will do just that! Our service program consists of thorough cleaning of all optics, after which we check for optical accuracy and perform necessary calibrations if needed.

We clean, re-lubricate, adjust and calibrate all mechanical components including the Sphere and Cylinder assembly. The control knobs are tensioned and adjusted to smooth factory standards. The JCCs' get cleaned, re-lubricated, adjusted and calibrated. The P.D. convergence mechanism is cleaned, re-lubricated and set. The main support also receives a clean and re-lube.

We pay detailed attention to every part of your Phoropter. Think of it as sending your Phoropter to the Spa to be pampered. Taking advantage of our preventative maintenance service, together with regular 18-24 month service intervals, you can have peace-of-mind that your Phoropter remains Optically Correct as well as feeling and looking new.

Px View

Eyelashes, mascara and other dirt and fibers inside the Phoropter. If your Phoropter is not serviced regularly, this build-up becomes easily visible - even to a patient with bad eyesight.

Cylinder Lens Casing

The build-up of fibers and dirt on the Cylinder lens disc. Also notice the dry lubrication build-up on the edge of the casing. Now imagine the dry grease on moving parts.

Dirty Lens

This is how many, if not all, of the lenses look like in your Phoropter. Dust particles, fibers and other foreign bodies cling to greasy, murky lenses.